Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Under & Overload"

"Under & Overload"
Nikki Soppelsa
(updated 07.09)
What a difference!

"Under & Overload"
Nikki Soppelsa

The collage above was done as my entry to's Ripped Off '09 Show and is my interpretation of Paul "Popi" Anderson's oil painting:
Paul "Popi" Anderson

The prospectus of this annual show requires artists to pair up and 'rip off' one another's work in their own/chosen medium. You can see why I approached him for this show! His art is vibrant with juicy colors and this bold painting jumped right out at me. I tried to capture the texture/shading of his oils with a variety of textured/found papers (including some of my watercolor scraps) and another 'layer' presented itself giving the piece another dimension.

I have been staring at this off and on since April...his painting while I studied it and then mine for all the time it took to create it. I have not tired of looking at either one! There are so many smaller works of art within the whole and even more inbetween and overlapping. ...and the colors are just so brilliant!

Paul combined two of my watercolors Fish Fry and Rainbow Trout creating an oil painting Fish Eyes View. Serene, yet, again vibrant in color and not only a wonderful play with light (the fish appear illuminated), but also with his original captivation...the eyes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, the process and am more than pleased with our results!
(Thank you Popi!)

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