Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Remembering My Make-Believe Parents"

"Remembering My Make-Believe Parents"
(July 2009)

William & Elizabeth Clark, my make-believe parents, born long before me and married before I was born. They were nicely settled in by the time I arrived. For how nicely life went for the three of us, I'd say we were all ready, well-suited for one another.

They and only they referred to one another as Bet and Bill. To me they were mom and pop, and I was their little offshoot, munchkin, third pea in the pod. Life wasn't necessarily quiet, but it sure was serene. So much of our lives spent at the small cottage at the edge of the shore's stoney beach. Mom always painting, pop always writing...the glow of lamplight in the night, me on the little screened porch watching the fireflies flicker in time to pop's typing.

He always signed his notes to always my sweet Bet...your Hemingway

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Nikki Soppelsa said...

Someone thought my make-believe parents were great lovers of the outdoors. I had to explain that the pictures are deceiving.

While they enjoyed the outdoors, they were not 'outdoor' people. A walk on the beach, reading under a tree, or drifting along on the lake, but always returning to the comforts of indoors ... to paint, to write, eat and enjoy a quiet evening.

...and that the apple doesn't fall far from the make-believe tree.