Sunday, September 20, 2009

The art of being...staying in FOCUS

(what a difference a drizzle makes)


This is one the most important words in my day to day living. When distractions of present or past life invade, I say this to myself repeatedly until I find myself centered once again.

This piece of art began with the desire to clean my watercolor intent to relax, to play. I did relax, I did play...but a little watercolor goes a very very long way!

What began as play, took shape and form in my mind. I found myself with a foundation for experimenting and for my ongoing love of collage in this instance, using my saved watercolor scraps, chinese newspaper and fresh watercolor paper.

My former father-in-law (now deceased) was an advertising artist...skilled hand-letterer. An early example of one of his 'alphabet' paintings, my favorite, hung in my home (until the splitting of 'matrimonial' property)...I am quite certain that the influence of here and I'm certain too that he would have enjoyed this.

...and so, I now find myself with a 'subject' that utilizes two mediums I thoroughly enjoy. I will continue to cleanse the palette playfully and with form.

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